ZAB Casual Remote Pilot Operator Questions


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SAIC has a listing in Albuquerque for a "Casual RPO". My questions are.....

1) Job description seems pretty straight forward as being a simulator operator, am I missing something?
2) How do they define part-time? Is this a few hours a week on a semi-consistent schedule or hours randomly as needed?
3) This listing shows up quite often, do people move up or move on?
4) Is there any advantage to being a current pilot?



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1. yes, you just enter the keyboard commands to make the fake planes do what the trainee controller tells them.
2. that i don't know
3. move on
4. in terms of being hired by the FAA, no. If you get hired though and manage to get the facility you piloted for, you'll know the airspace already.


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If it’s anything like the way things are at my facility your hours will vary and the hours won’t be consistent. You might just be filling in when there’s a need for pilots that the full time ones can’t cover, or when they are on leave