You dont see this often


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UHPP 301344Z 3015/3121 01003G12MPS 9999 BKN030CB
TEMPO 3015/3021 5000 VA
FM310000 34003G12MPS 9999 SCT030CB

TEMPO 3109/3121 01003G10MPS


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I guess that would make it a "No" as an ETOPS airport, then...
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VA is in the UHMM FIR almost daily.
Yes it is, usually what I term a volcanic belch :) as it isn't affecting PKC directly. No, I still won't be using any of those airfields even if it is just a Volc belch). Its kinda like TSSN, it gets your attention when you see it.


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Suprisngly at some Shops you can still operate to airports reporting or forecast VA, under certain conditions after following some outline procedures.

Sometimes a METAR/TAF will report VA when there is very little ash still suspended in the air with no fallout.