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I have gotten a 270 turn doing the coast route over LAX. Half way through the turn they hit me with a 1,500 foot descent, please be level on heading. I'm now wondering if they were just messing with me.
They have zero sense of humor there. We all joke about stuff like that but the reality of it happening are slim because if something does happen we need to answer why we did what we did


I put the ADS-B track on a VFR chart from 10,000' in the data to the last sample (because it's not like he said "I'm inside" (hehe) in front of god and the internet anyway).

At the first call in the video (~0:30), the aircraft appears to be crossing V562 at "056" on the "scope" in the video. At that same point, ADS-B indicates 6,200 ft MSL.