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What's with the whole "buy American" thing? Last I checked the said United had a bunch of Airbuses in its fleet.
In the interest of being nit-picky, mostly because I'm bored, the long haul fleet at United is all Boeing. Airbus does have a factory with U.S. workers down in Alabama now. As far as I know, none of their Airbus fleet were built there, however.

But I do get and agree with your point.
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Because WOW is cheaper. That's usually almost always the answer. That's the problem with nearly all Americans. We want to "buy American" but the reality is when something else is cheaper, most people will take that other cheaper option.

I like the whole ALPA thing against Norwegian system's shady operation setup to offer low fares, but after searching many fares online to Europe, I have consistently found WOW Air to be cheaper than Norwegian. But I guess WOW is a legitimate operation based and operated by Icelandic rules so it's fair game.

Sometimes that cheaper is more than 50% cheaper. I can't justify full fare for the local.

I fly to Australia, a lot. I always try to fly delta since it's my hometown carrier but when they are double air New Zealand or Qantas, makes it hard to support local.

Then again when you're a dual citizen that makes qantas local too right?

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Why don't you support one of the airlines in this country?
I think that's a good point, but after how US Airways left Pittsburgh I can't imagine too many locals will pass on one of the two or three direct to Europe offerings. I think Chasen's entirely right on the reasons to go with one of the big three, but it's going to be hard sell for people in cities like Pittsburgh to go with a mainline United, Delta or American instead when it'd mean a layover and a higher price. Without the government getting involved I think there's going to be an explosion in growth from Norwegian, WOW and Condor as they offer destinations that the majors won't fly to directly and are working out of airports that are currently under served like Providence and Pittsburgh (and there's a whole lot of other neglected areas with large populations). I really do wonder about the long-term prospects of the big three airlines when international routes have been so profitable for them and where they will need to innovate on their service and route structure as these ULCCs have a very competitive product they're offering. I wonder if the big three will ever turn to the government and try to get legislation passed on greater passenger rights to even out the difference in price between their products and the ULCCs.


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The internet search engine results is what people will go with. The problem is it really doesn't tell you what you're getting. Doesn't tell you seat size, if you get to pick, doesn't really tell you anything. The legit airlines are going to have to get down to that level to play the game.
The ~$1100 per person saving by using WOW can be spent on a better hotel.

If you don't enjoy flying, better 8 hours of misery than 16 hours of connecting misery on a US airline.


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I flew to Japan last month and could have paid way less on an Asian carrier but chose to pay the extra $$$ for United. Worth it even though they stranded me in sfo and had to take the train back to smf. Loved the trip home on the 787
Sorry but this needs to be posted again. This is why it's worth flying the cheapest, most direct airline. Thank God for Amtrak and the Bart


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A close cheapskate friend of mine recently had an experience with this airline. She said it was an awful experience and had the most uncomfortable seats she had ever been on and she is a frequent traveler on Spirit and Allegiant. Huge cheapskate. She said it made Spirit look like Emirates. This was just a few weeks ago.


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Sorry but this needs to be posted again. This is why it's worth flying the cheapest, most direct airline. Thank God for Amtrak and the Bart
Crazy thing is it was cheaper buying the ticket from SMF than SFO. That stupid RJ flight from SMF to SFO was delayed several times and I almost missed the flight to Tokyo. Was about to have my partner in the 182 fly me to San Carlos and then Uber to SFO. I was the last one on the plane to Tokyo and they closed the door right behind me.