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Well from my experience, I can tell you that of every captain I have flown with that had an aviation major NOT ONE was happy they did it and EVERY ONE wishes they majored in something else.

Also, if you are looking to fly for the airlines at any point in your career i would HIGHLY recommend reading the book HARD LANDING or FLYING THE LINE (history of The Airline Pilots Association). I can not overstress this enough. If you don't learn the history of the industry, you are bound to repeat it.
Looking back on it, I agree with this mentality now. Getting a 4 year degree in flight is a complete waste. I can get a minor in flight, and get all the way up to my MEI having only taken 11 classes at UND.


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I completely disagree.

I have spoken with numerous pilots with aviation degrees, that are extremely happy they did what they did. ESPECIALLY those pilots that went to Purdue. Purdue is definitely an awesome place for not only aviation, but for college life. I am planning to attend Purdue, fyi. ;)

Not to mention, do what interests you, even if it is aviation.

Your major will definitely become obsolete after a few years. ("Back-up" degree's are overrated) ;)
How old were these pilots? New hires? I am sure they will think differently once they get furloughed and have no other GOOD options to turn to. What will they do if they develop some kind of DQing health problem. If you think backup degrees are overrated, you are EXTREMELY mistaken.

Every pilot I talk to says to avoid majoring in aviation like the plague. It can be a great minor or moonlight job, but dont delude yourself into thinking that devoting your college education to flight is a rewarding prospect. If you want to fly for a living then do so at a reasonable cost (ATP or similar venue). But dont spend 200k at Purdue for a flight degree. I can't think of any bigger collegiate scam than a flight bachelors. Took me a few months to realize that, but thank GOD i did!