why is front gear so low on CRJ-900


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So, why is the CRJ100/200/440/700/705/900/Challenger850/870/890 the CL-65 type rating but the CRJ1000 a CL-66 type rating?


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There should be a term for millennial (is 1985 considered millennial?) parents who keep organic pine nuts and 4 different flavors of vinegar to cook with but still eat chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese from a box like half the time.
I believe 1982 is the consensus. IMO it becomes much more obvious around 1990. I think the majority of the mid- to early 80s babies don't fit the millennial criteria.


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Oh man, I just came up from Lorton 10 minutes ago. Can probably put something together early next week or the week after but heading to the beach with the kids Thursday.
I'll holler at you for the week after. I need to wander up in that direction for a number of reasons anyway.