Who's Arriving When????


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I'll be getting in around 1:30pm, assuming I get on the flight (it's oversold already). I'm thinking of getting a rental car, so I may be able to pick some people up.

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Sunday the 18th around noon. I could still use someone to split a hotel room with if anyone is interested. I'm at the MGM the 18th through the 21st.


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Still not sure when I'll get there but I'll give you a call when I do. You can share the backseat with the Wookie.


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Hmm...I may not fit too well back there but at least I'll have extra protection in the event of a crash from all that hair.


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I'm coming in on United 443 arriving at 2:43 PM on Sunday. Anyone feel like picking me up or should I just plan on taking a cab?

By the way, know how desperate they are in Vegas? I booked a package deal that includes three nights in the Riviera for less than the flight itself would have cost on its own. That means the Riviera is paying money to get my butt in their hotel and hoping to make it up on my gambling losses. Little do they know that I get my gambling fix by trading options, not in a casino.:bandit: