Which glass panel is easier to learn first??


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Neither Sat WX, SS nor ADS-B is radar. Never will be.

Thinking that it is will bite you hard.

Those are best described as strategic tools.

ADS-B plus even a simple radar is good because they represent fundamentally different tools.

If I could find radar & pod for my Bonanza, with some kind of reasonable installation, I would. But as it happens, a suitable radar, pod and display plus install would be north of $25k, and that's using surplus, very used items for a very, very basic install (think no stabilization).

For that money, you might as well buy Baron radar, and it comes in a Baron shaped container (with de-ice).


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Yeah, I was looking at maybe upgrading my radar to one of the new digital units, and it was going to cost something like $50k installed. I decided my old KWX-56 would be just fine. :)