where are you now ?


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I have been enjoying Jetcareers for years now and I wonder what happened to the many that came on this site throughout the years to seek advices regarding career change.
Still working on it, made it, gave up ?


Did you lock the doors?
Well, I didn't come on this site for advice about career change, but I came on here shortly after making the career change. I learned how to fly when I was a kid but ended up in an electronics career. After getting laid off about a month before our first son was born, I took out a big loan a finished off my ratings.
I don't remember how I found the site, but I was an "old" flight instructor employing the networking skills I'd acquired in my professional life so far.
About a year and half after attending my first NJC, I got the job I currently enjoy thanks to Kristy and Doug and this site. I met the people that put my resume on the right desk while putting down shots of fireball in Vegas with a bunch of folks that had already accomplished what I was trying to. This site has a mission statement that isn't exactly posted anywhere.
Pay it forward. Simple.
Professionally speaking, there is no better online forum to advance a career in aviation. Period.
One of the things that makes JC more special than others is that many of us know each other in real life.
My advice to someone using this site for professional advancement is to get out and meet some of us. Take the anonymity out of the Internet and do a meet and greet or get your ass (I can say that) out to Vegas for a NJC.
Guess that's not exactly what you asked for, but I appreciate the post as a good excuse for a quick rant!


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Good question. I joined jetcareers many moons ago. A private pilot, working on my Instrument flying my Mooney M20J. A layoff prompted me to start investigating a career change. A wonderful wife suggested making the move to aviation. I'm not sure she knew what she was getting herself into.
I began scouring the pages of JC looking for as much knowledge as I could find. Trying to get to know people. I did meet a lot of great people along the way, and really learned what paths to take to get to my goal.
How many remember Career pilot School in olathe KS, where i did my CFI's (all 3) or OS aviation with Oscar in Siler city NC where i did my Single and multi Comm in his Twin Comanche? I know a lot of JC'rs went to both.
My first "job" after being a full time CFI was American Eagle (no not envoy, the REAL American eagle). With the help of several people, including people on JC.
I loved and hated 121 regional life. Had the bankruptcy not hit, i would have probably stayed. But it did.
It seemed the writing on the wall said it wasn't going anywhere, so i left.
A short time later I picked up a Corporate job. I'm still there. I still have my goal that i set and Im still actively working trying to get on with one of a couple 91 corp flight departments that I believe will be the place I will retire from. In the mean time, I'm loving where i am. Flying as Co-Captain with good people.
Jetcareers was with out doubt instrumental to helping me find my way in the crazy little adventure.


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I randomly recalled this website and thought I would browse some of the forum. I used to live in Korea, where I was teaching English after I graduated from college. I saved up quite a bit of money, with the plan of moving back home to start training at an FBO like Skymates or somewhere else in Texas. That all changed with the downturn of the economy in 2008. I decided to stay in Korea for an extra two years, continuing to save up. The economy didn't improve, pilots were being laid off and furloughed, and I didn't feel like dropping $40-50k for all my licenses was a wise decision. After a lot of thought, job shadowing and reflection, I decided to move back to try and become a dentist. I had to go back to school to take all the dental school prerequisites since I never took a single biology or chemistry course as a business major. Seven years later, I'm about to finish my second year of dental school and will be treating patients in two months. I live in Phoenix now and there are a lot of flight schools just down the road from my house. I'm a bit jealous of everyone I see up in the air flying, but I'm happy with the choice I made and love what I'm doing now. I don't see myself ever giving up my interest in flying. After graduating I intend to get my PPL and finally get up in the air.


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I I'm about to finish my second year of dental school
Man!........If I could start all over again from about age 15, I think I would go your route. Not that I have regrets really, but my buddy who did that is pretty dang happy. Home every night, huge, ostentatious house, wild vacations, etc. It's the home every night part that really is the best part. The huge money aint bad either.


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Man!........If I could start all over again from about age 15, I think I would go your route. Not that I have regrets really, but my buddy who did that is pretty dang happy. Home every night, huge, ostentatious house, wild vacations, etc. It's the home every night part that really is the best part. The huge money aint bad either.
Those were all factors in my decision. Getting married about 5 months before I moved back to the US made me rethink what is most important. The money isn't bad, but it will be a long time before I may enjoy some of those benefits your friend has. Dental school costs about $300-550k, so I would advise someone not to pursue the career strictly for the money.


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Joined as a young Marine in Afghanistan in 2014 working on helicopters trying to figure out the best way to end up flying for a living and to still be able to pay my bills/support the family along the way..

3 years later I'm a civilian working as an avionics design engineer for Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin 40 hours a week and learning to fly helicopters on evenings and weekends at my local part 141 school... private check ride here in about 2 weeks and going to turn around and get dual rated for FW after I finish learning helos. FW seems to have more opportunity at the moment.
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You can say I've been around for a while. The tl;dr; is: I was getting my ratings in college, got a degree in computer science, delayed an aviation career given the crazy job offers during the dot com boom and bust, joined jetcareers, decided to go for it, finished up my ratings, became a cfi, a regional airline pilot, found love, ran out of money, needed to move to the west coast, left the regional, got more tech jobs, got married, paid off debts, built up a healthy savings cushion, laid off from a consulting job, been a cfi again for the past year building up hours toward 1500, and now can pursue an aviation career with eyes wide open about the lifestyle and debts paid off. Full circle, applying to regionals starting this week.

Could not have navigated this journey without the support and camaraderie of many of the other jetcareers members here, some I have worked with, others met through Network JC, and some online only.

What @bucksmith said about paying it forward 110%. That is what the spirit of JC that @Derg created is about.


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I joined JC years ago when I was seriously considering making a run at the 121 life. I spent lots of time on JC reading, learning, and discovering how many pilots complain about their quality of life, company atmosphere, career paths, etc. I decided I didn't want to work at a company where I needed a union to protect me against the company owners; where both sides felt like the other side was out to screw them. In the end, I decided against transitioning into flying as a profession when I left the military, and I took the business route instead. I now work for a great company and generous CEO who values every team member, and I have a super flexible work schedule that allows me to go flying almost any time I want. I sleep in my own bed most of the time, have every weekend and holiday off, and I earn more than I ever could as a pilot. In the past 5 years since making that decision, I've been living my dreams of building an airplane in my basement and flying warbirds. I joined the CAF, got formation rated, bought a T-6, flew in the airshow at Oshkosh, regularly fly a Tora replica during the summer/fall airshow season, and have had so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences with veterans and old airplanes that I could write a book about it.