What's on your wrist?


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You should probably find someone that’s good at working on stuff to put that new watch band on the old watch.
Also, did she forget the socks?
I can easily change the band myself, but that's not the point. She did come through with a 12 pack of new white socks though, so it wasn't all bad. I'm growing accustomed to the new work watch. I'd prefer a white face because my eyes are deteriorating and it's easier for me to interpret quickly, and it's a little bigger which can be problematic when you sometimes end up elbow or shoulder deep into the nether regions of an airplane (I don't need a lecture about wearing jewelry, necklaces or watches at work).


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Has anyone ever ordered from authenticwatches.com? They have some ridiculous deals right now, but don’t want to order from them if it problematic.


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I see a watch the same as a collar on a dog.

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Saved up and bought myself a Rolex Submariner automatic in 2003 when I got hired at my first airline job. I paid $3,900. Its now retailing for $12,000 plus tax.

I never wear it though as its a bit overkill for my current gig. I wear a iWatch. Love it.



The no date retails for $7500 and the date for $8500.

Even in the secondary market, the much more desirable Hulk doesn’t go for a that much unless new with all documents.


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One of the nicest Christmas gifts I've ever gotten, from a friend who said, "You needed some colors to sport daily!"

Because a trans flag cape is just not practical day to day.

I'm in ur flight deck destroying ur society.

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