What's on your wrist?


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Garmin vivosport.

I also have an early-aughts Citizen Skyhawk Ecodrive I wear from time-to-time, but mostly it's the vivosport.


Lol, I think I googled “best watches under $100” and this one popped up. I find after 2-3 days it gains a minute but other than that it’s great.
I've found the same thing. An automatic watch for under $100 is a good deal. I do need to get a better band for it, though.


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Is that a Icon A5 in the background? If so what do you think of it?
Yes it is! Have about ~50 hours in the plane. Incredibly stable, the stall characteristics as advertised are true. Power off stall is basically flat deck angle with a negative descent rate. Still the only spin resistance airframe that meets the FAA standards. Easier to land on the water than land. I'm having a blast working for the company. People get excited when they see it vs every time I would demo Cessna/Beech product.