What's on your wrist?

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I wear a newish Tudor Submariner that was given to me by my girlfriend.

I also wear a 1972 Rolex Submariner and a 1968 Seiko World Time.

I also have a Casio G-Shock for activities likely to put the others at risk.

The Seiko stopped working in 1969 when my father bashed it against the slippy-slide of an A-3 when he slipped on some hydraulic fluid. I had it repaired last year. For years, it sat in a box begging to be repaired.

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Also have an 'adventure' wedding ring that is rubber in case of an oops. I've already broken one wedding ring in two whilst riding a bike in Guatemala after a crash.
I've played around with that idea for working in the shop. These days i spend more time at the desk than the toolbox so not such a big deal.


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My "beater" citizen.

Bought it after my last deployment and wear it probably 75-80% of the time trading it out with a couple other watches just to justify the slowly growing collection.

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Why can't you wear watches in your hangar?
No watches, rings, necklaces, dogtags, earrings, or any other jewelry. Also, pockets should be empty of loose change, or anything like that.
The primary concern is the very real risk of it becoming a FOD problem. Even breakaway rings can become FOD. Also, sometimes I have to reach into some super-tight spaces that couldn't be reached with a watch on, it would get hung up. Which brings us to the next reason, safety. You don't want to be wearing something that gets hung up on something or caught in something, especially if that something is rotating or reciprocating, or has the potential to.


A Breitling Navitimer, but I bought it from a lady in Hong Kong for about $5, and it doesn't actually keep time.
You can find some pretty high quality knock offs, but it's hit or miss. I had a $5 tag that lasted about 5 years. Was nice enough that even after looking it over in their own hands, a jewelry store worker complimented me on it. I think the battery just died on it and the place I took it to couldn't figure out how to open it.