What's on your wrist?


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Hey guys/gals... as the title implies, what's everyone wearing for a watch these days? and why?

What are the features that you use on a daily basis, or would like to see on a timepiece marketed towards aviators? GMT, date, chrono, etc......

What are the features you think are overkill?

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Still rolling with Omega X-33 on one wrist, and a FitBit Charge HR on the other.

I didn't fly with the Red Arrows today, but I was wearing it back when I did...
I suspected you were a south paw. You show a lot of evidence of being in your right mind. ;)


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Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk AT. I hang out all day with apparent connoisseurs of luxury watches. Breitlings and Omegas are fan favorites. I just can't do.
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I rotate through about 10 different Citizens, also have a Rolex Explorer II and a Tag Heuer for more formal occasions, and on my right wrist in addition to the watch on the left I wear a Fit Bit Blaze.

I like being able to check the time at a glance without digging out my cell phone or hitting a button on the Blaze.


Fitbit Blaze. The only thing I wish it had was GMT capability. Doesn't matter too much because when controllers ask for a time I make them do the conversion.