What to do about the small details on Airline Apps


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Employment History:

DATES: I don't remember exact dates of my employment, as I've worked many jobs in the past only one short period of unemployment). I have rough estimates, mostly I know what months I started and ended. If I ended a job in August and started a new job thereafter, but don't know the exact dates, should I have End date 8/1/2018 and start date for next job also 8/1/2018 or 8/2/2018.

SUPERVISORS: I don't remember half the names of my supervisors from high-school and college jobs...What to do?

Description: How descriptive do majors and llc's expect job descriptions to be? I worked a lot of little jobs in high school and college that don't really have much of a description (i.e., serving, bartending, window cleaning, warehouse work, construction).

And, lastly, what if a company I previously worked for has closed down? What to put for address and phone number? "N/A"?

Other than High school and University, should I put the flight training I went to in this section? I did flight training at a College, but only did the flight training (i.e., no courses, other than ground school).

Flight Time:
SIC...for a 135, but not in a plane that requires an SIC (King Air 200 and 90)...But the company said I could log SIC, and I took a "check out" for SIC. Since this is in the op specs, it should count, no? The regional I hired on with didn't raise any questions about it. It amounts to about 75hrs SIC...

Thanks for the help.