What is your greatest piece of advice


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Sorry, but this will be a bit lengthy. Not giving my advice, but relating one of the better pieces of advice I ever got.
I was early in my career...20, 21, or 22 years old. Had a student, a really old guy, like, you know, 50 or so! He was an immigrant from England, WW2 vet. A great guy, I enjoyed getting to know him, and we became friends, at least as much as our age difference allowed.
One day he was hanging out at the airport drinking a soda and general BSing with anyone there. I don't recall what, but I was griping about something regarding my job. Hours, pay, whatever.
He sat across from the table from me and said" you know what you need to do?" Expecting something funny, or sympathetic, or at least friendly, I was all ears....." you need to go visit the hospital and see some people who have real problems". He added a bit more that I don't remember.
I was taken aback and a little hurt. That was all and nothing much changed between us. Sometime later I moved away from that town to another job in a different state.
I don't think much changed with me initially. But as the years passed and I gained, hopefully, a little more wisdom, his admonition came back to me.
It did slowly change me, and hence my life. It has made me much more patient and less stressed over the vagaries of this job and profession.
It was good advice for me. My regret is I never thanked him for it.