What is it going to take to get hired this time around?


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2010 CTI graduate, well qualified on the AT-SAT. I've been through a couple of panels and still haven't been selected. I'm hoping this next panel in October/November/December could be the one. I have OR & WA listed as my preferences. What will it take to get hired this time around? Does anyone out there have any input on numbers for this panel and what to expect for 2012?


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Change your states to better your chances. FWIW I am a 2010 grad, and am still waiting as well. CA and NY for me though. Good luck!


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Who knows but you may want to reconsider WA. I don't know about the towers but I think it is fairly safe to say that ZSE is not looking for anyone. I'm pretty sure they have plenty of CPC's trying to transfer in where they don't really need to pickup anyone fresh.