What do you make as a 121 pilot

How much income per year do you make as a pilot? Only pilot income (not investments or other)

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Lol I’m not trying to be difficult. But for a junior person 100% captain is much more money than 100% widebody fo. And that’s probably why your junior coworkers want to bid captain.

Point I’m making is your coworkers aren’t crazy or misinformed on the awesomeness of widebody fo, it just doesn’t apply to them.
Well, it’s all a moot conversation anyway because displacements are coming to the junior captains, unless a bunch of mid level seniority captains bid off the 88. The bubble correction is coming.

Actually had a 2 year at the company captain explain how he was just going to just displace to the 717 in ATL. Hell, at 18 years, I can barely hold a line on it. It’s senior. And a lot of guys senior to me are going to bid over. He wasn’t happy when I told him to shine up his FO wings.

I’m going to have to either end up NYC 320A or go be a senior WB FO somewhere.


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Anyone have any top 1% numbers for those that choose to trade their soul for cash? $600k is the highest at FDX. $450k G4.


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My 450hp SUV disagrees.
That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Electric cars are great and all but explain to me how I get my crap to the deer lease or make a run to Home Depot without my pickup. I don’t get grown men that don’t drive trucks
What is a deer lease? Don’t you know they sell food in grocery stores and you don’t have to kill it yourself?

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