Weird Alaska Air turn back after block out


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I highly doubt the problem was 1000hr/rolling yr limit. Programming hard limits into the scheduling system is easy and it didn't take the airlines long to change the system limit from 1000/yr to 1000/rolling yr. Once a trip is thrown on your schedule, it would have given an error message if any flight time limit was exceeded.

Besides if it isn't caught before the flight is on the schedule, how can it possibly be caught during the taxi out? The computer systems capture the block out time and even that can take a few minutes to upload into "the system." I just really doubt on taxi-out in SEA a plane would return for a 1000 hr/rolling yr limit. Flight time limits aren't scheduled block, legal to start legal to finish type. So if you have a 6 hr flight block with an air time of 4:55 and only a 15 minute taxi, you'll block in 50 minutes short of the original block. Your live "flight time" for that day reflects the new 5:10 actual block for flight time limits for that day, month, and rolling year once you land/block in. That's another reason I doubt either a human or computer figured a flight illegality during taxi out for the 1,000 limit.

"FA told me even if they took off they would have had to turn around for this. "

General rule of thumb, when it comes to legal stuff/legalese, don't listen to FAs. For that matter, not even pilots. But especially not FAs.

No, you would not return to base when in the air for this. Fly to your destination, land, and ASAP it. Still can't imagine any situation where you would exceed a limit. The computer systems are good, and the company buffers are usually more strict than FAR limits.


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K. Let me know what happened then? They gave me $75 pretty quick. I didn't tell the FA about the 1000 hour rule, or suggest it, but I'd think it's pretty rare an F/A even knows what that is, so either the Capt or the F/O must have brought it up. It's a fact we had to wait for a new F/O to show and then we went. Maybe something really nefarious happened. Like it was aliens...