Volunteering for ALPA


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My god am I tired of hearing this. "They're paying FOs at Delta what I'm making in the left seat!" "Yep. Have you applied?" "Well, I haven't kept up with my logbook since I upgraded...but I guarantee you if I was a female I'd have gotten called!"
I can guarantee, with certainty, that's not the reason. Teeeee'rust me.


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Double more so.

I work for a really cheap ass airline. Why would I help Frontier or jetBlue push in the alley before me?

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If you want to volunteer, why wouldn't you volunteer at Skywest? Whatever work ALPA needs done, probably needs doing at Skywest/SAPA too.
Good question. I contacted most of our committees and was told that they don't use volunteers or need any help. I haven't looked at CIRP yet, thanks for bringing that up. As for helping ALPA at other airlines...that isn't my wish at all. I was under the impression that ALPA national utilizes volunteers for a variety of purposes and that they don't favor one carrier over another...it's that feeling of pan-airline unity that I enjoy.