Vision test


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I maintain a First class medical. One of my fears is not recognizing reduced vision clarity between visits to the Optimitrist and going in for my medical. Obvious solution is obvious - go to the glasses dude before the medical; but my question is:

how will testing at 20/25 affect the process for applying for the First class medical? What steps are taken for correction/updating etc.? Just curious


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Hi moxiepilot,

The AME would hopefully hold your application for 14 days (that's the limit before the application must be deferred) and ask you to go get an eye exam. If the eye doctor can get you back to 20/20 with glasses have them fill out a form 8500-7, take it back to the AME, and you should be good. If you can not make 20/20 and do not meet first class standards you would need to try to apply for a waiver, either special issuance or a SODA.

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Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner