Viral Meningitis


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Hello Flight Surgeons!

I received a first class medical in Sept of 2013 and ended up getting a bout of viral meningitis a few months later out of nowhere. I was in the hospital for three days (until they could validate it was viral and not bacterial) and it took me about a week to fully recover (mainly from the headache). There was no residual effects (from what I can tell), so I just went about my merry way.

When I went to obtain a third-class medical in Aug of 2018, I noted that I was hospitalized due to Meningitis in the MedExpress application and the AME just acknowledged what I wrote down. I can't recall much dialogue about it, aside from that it was a viral infection and I recovered from it within a few days.

I am seriously considering making a career transition into aviation and I'm about to start my commercial training. I didn't think much about my case of meningitis being problem since I was issued a third-class medical last year, but then I ran across the following page:

Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners

I noticed that in Canada and the UK, Viral meningitis isn't something they are too concerned about, but not sure what FAA's stance is. There doesn't seem to be much info that pulls up regarding meningitis and the FAA medical (aside from the link above).

Should I get a second AME's opinion before plunging into commercial training?



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Given the amount of time that has passed and that you have made a full recovery, I would not think this would be a problem in the future. When you apply for your next medical go ahead and list it again and put "previously reported no change" in the comment box. There is a very small chance that they would send you for a neuro exam at this point. much more likely they will not mention it or send you a letter saying if you have any further issues to stop flying and report it.

Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner