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VA Health Care


"Never tell me the odds!"
Considering in 2017, fewer Americans are qualified to serve, fewer are actual serving, as a selected fewer have repeatedly carried the actual combat/combat support role in regions of active conflict. The number of current vets from the guard, reserve and active forces now arriving at the VA will quickly outnumber all previous vets, and pose new needs .. will the POTUS and Congress understand and respond to those needs with innovative care. Will see ...
That my friend is a very good question.

If only they would let me serve again........Even today with a broken body, my spirit still longs to fight the good fight. Scouts out!


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From your (and av8tr1 and OffRdX if they choose) experience / knowledge, which has provided quality responses, care and affordability?
I've been in Tricare most of my life with a short stint on a municipal election health care plan where I never actually had to use it. My beef with Tricare is the fact there is no real way to hold them accountable combined with the military not caring for people with specialists or sports medicine when we put the beating on ourselves that we do. After a decade of Army it's by sheer force of will alone that I'm not on a permanent profile. That said if I got on one it would just lessen the beating I have to deal with, it wouldn't do anything for care between here and retirement. Unless you are outside the conventional community, or just lucky enough to be stationed at one of the posts with an outstanding program (which I lucked out and am at now) you really don't get access to anything but marginal care. What's more with things like dental or optical if you are overseas your family can essentially lose access to all care in those categories until you return stateside. That's what happened with my wife. Tricare didn't want to pay for a surgery not done by a US doc, but we had nothing but a clinic with a couple PA's where we were stationed.

Funny enough... My dad actually works for the VA now as a retiree. His biggest immediate gripe is the fact there is no accountability to get people to actually work what they are being paid to work. Things like putting in a time clock and firing people for malingering on the job would go a long way toward fixing a lot of problems with getting people care across the system. That combined with a failure of most to understand their rights under the system and the constant moving of the goal posts with things like service area mileage are the cause of a lot of the VA public image.


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Pertinent to the conversation, this showed up in my FB feed.... https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2...-manchester/n9VV7BerswvkL5akCgNzvK/story.html

Just another classic case of a lowest bidder health care program run with no accountability to anyone and as said earlier because then"warrior caste" gets smaller as a demographic every year that doesn't look to change. You only get advocates with power when you mean something to them. Veterans are not the voting block they used to be.

And it doesn't help when crap like this is allowed to happen..... http://www.disabledveterans.org/201...t-va-director-gets-job-back-veterans-affairs/
All the media and hate about Trump I dont care if your Elizabeth Warren, you should be on his side with stuff like this. Somehow the system is protecting the people it should be removing.