Utah Valley University Online - Yay or Nay


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I'm looking to finish my bachelor's degree. I have about 75 credit hours from a major state university here in Texas (from fall 2001 to fall 2003), plus about 12 hours from ERAU online (from spring 2006 to fall 2008) but ERAU's cost is killing my budget. I have heard good things from friends about UVU and am wondering if anyone can provide me with some info.

I'm in the process of filling out their online application but am having trouble finding information about the different aviation degrees they offer.

I'm an ATP with CFI/CFII/MEI ratings. I'm hoping that I could get some credit for this, like I did at riddle. I'm also hoping that they would take some of my transfer credits from Texas/ERAU. What degree in specific should I be looking at? Is UVU's accredation on the up and up? I've heard that the cost less than half what ERAU charges for online courses.

Thanks for any info you can provide.


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I have the same question as you, please anyone, that could provide an inside of UVU? im also looking to finish my bachelor, i have 36 related business' credits, but want to complete something in aviation administration, to take advantage of the aviation experience...thanks


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I hear their program is pretty good. As far as transferring credits they will most likely take a bunch of them as your previous school were most likely regionally accredited in some way. ERAU is accredited and the "major texas school" would most likely have theirs as well which would allow for the transfer. As far as finding out how many credits they will take will depend on you calling them up and asking.

I didn't take any UVU classes, but the credit transfer process is basically the same wherever you go. They will take a lot but may not take all credits, or they may take all the credits and may not be able to apply them all to your major.


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I'm a current UVU student and I'm really happy with the program so far. I transfered in about 70 credits from UND, mostly generals and a few aviation classes. Most of the aviation classes have fulfilled the requirements for UVU, a few will not, but still count as electives. They have a handy online tool that allows you to see which classes will transfer in. Transfer Articulation

They offer a B.S. in Aviation with two areas of concentration, professional pilot and aviation management. I'm doing the professional pilot degree. You get credits for certificates and ratings, even if you already have them. They other classes are fairly easy and no too much work, IMO. Find the degree tab and open the pdf to see which classes you will need for the given degree.

If you have more questions just give them a call. They have a lot of knowledgeable students that work in the call center and will break everything down for you. I got to know them pretty well when I was looking into enrolling.

Their number is 888-901-7192.


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I also attend UVU online and am very happy. Great School, fully accredited they are actually a state college with a huge campus & student body. if you're ever in Utah stop by and visit the campus in Orem. It's a very nice, modern facility covering several acres. You're deffinetly getting a real education from a "real" college at UVU. I stopped and visited on my way home from a trip to Wyoming and it really had a big impact on how I percieved the school. The students that work in the aviation call center are very knowledgeable and friendly which is good because the rest of the administration doesn't seem to really understand how things work in the aviation department. It can be a bit confusing as a new student when you're first getting started but If you just pick up the phone and talk to people they're good about helping you through it.


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I'm sure Utah Valley is a good school and may be a good fit, but you asked about accreditation. The school may be regionally accredited, but the aviation program is not accredited by AABI (http://www.aabi.aero/programs.html).

What does that mean? Maybe not much, but the current House legislation mentions AABI as a possible means of bypassing the 1500 ATP requirement in the future. That could be an important thing in the future.

Good luck!


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I have a good buddy who loves the program and always tries to get me to try it. He gets awesome grades and they give him scholarship money for flying.


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I'd be interested to learn more as ERAU only offer 15 credits for an AS and 35 vs a BS for FAA Certs.