Update: UPS flight dispatchers are asking to be paid like counterparts at Delta, American


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Is being a trainer mandatory? Maybe everyone should stop training new hires. Not sure if that's even possible. But I'm just noticing how ups is hiring. Who's doing the training? It's maybe coming down to that i think. It's unfortunate how long this is dragging on. Wishing you guys success.
There’s no way to really refuse to train new hires. Some tried to get off the trainer list and were basically told no.

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As for people saying company profits are not at all related to compensation... Of course they are! When a company makes money, it's most skilled and valuable employees also make more money. The people in the executive management tend to make all the big financial decisions, so they ultimately tend to take the highest compensation.

Airlines also are generally not inclined (unless they are run by smarter people who understand more than profits and financial numbers) to recognize the necessity of dispatchers, and will see them as an expense rather than an asset.
Dang, this sounds pretty familiar...


It is so interesting to me that there are a few people here who think that dispatching for a cargo airline somehow equates to deserving less pay than a pax airline. I honestly can’t wrap my head around this.

It doesn’t matter if the business model is different. We are all dispatching for a major airline, each with their own complexities. UPS operations is not comparable to supplemental airlines that fly cargo as someone suggested. I used to work for one so I can absolutely attest to that with certainty. As to GDP’s and operations getting tanked, yes that is something we deal with also. We do fly 24/7 worldwide and we have multiple hubs. Some of the things that are being brought up just shows that some of you have no idea what we do here.

Let’s get back to this. The bottom line is UPS is a major airline and deserves major airline pay in line with the industry. Something to come back to and point out is that UPS had industry leading pay before the other majors ratified their last contracts. And as someone else pointed out, our pilots do have industry LEADING pay, not flying pax. It’s our turn for a new industry leading contract. Instead of trying to prove some convoluted idea that dispatching pax is somehow more important and deserves higher pay, why don’t you remember that we’ve been a leader until now and support us on getting a contract we deserve. It’s to your benefit as well.

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Let's get back to the basics. There should be equal pay period. Please note section 121.533 (b)&(d)

Sec. 121.533 — Responsibility for operational control: Domestic operations.
(a) Each certificate holder conducting domestic operations is responsible for operational control.
(b) The pilot in command and the aircraft dispatcher are jointly responsible for the preflight planning, delay, and dispatch release of a flight in compliance with this chapter and operations specifications.
(c) The aircraft dispatcher is responsible for—
(1) Monitoring the progress of each flight;
(2) Issuing necessary information for the safety of the flight; and
(3) Cancelling or redispatching a flight if, in his opinion or the opinion of the pilot in command, the flight cannot operate or continue to operate safely as planned or released.
(d) Each pilot in command of an aircraft is, during flight time, in command of the aircraft and crew and is responsible for the safety of the passengers, crewmembers, cargo, and airplane.
(e) Each pilot in command has full control and authority in the operation of the aircraft, without limitation, over other crewmembers and their duties during flight time, whether or not he holds valid certificates authorizing him to perform the duties of those crewmembers.

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Altimeter,,,, a little off topic, but you said you voted in a TWU contract that caused dispatchers to get laid off. I’m don’t recall hearing of any layoffs in the recent past at any TWU represented airline. And I believe you said you worked for a major. Did I miss something?