Update: UPS flight dispatchers are asking to be paid like counterparts at Delta, American


Resident Knucklehead
I doubt the current administration would allow a strike to happen - they would probably use the Railway Labor Act try to force binding arbitration or something along those lines. I'm no expert in labor law though. Hopefully all the employee groups at UPS get a fair contract soon.
True words. Indeed, as you had mentioned in a part that I parsed the shareholders. I think ultimately they would be the ones to intervene before anything got out of hand. A UPS shutdown of any length would be disastrous to the value of the company as customer confidence would be shaken badly. Sooner rather than later the folks pulling the financial strings at Brown are going to reach the conclusion that they will lose this game of chicken and decide that the money spent to keep the dispatch group happy is chump change in comparison to driving this all the way over the cliff.