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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Collegiate Education


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While I work in technology, I've been involved in aviation for a since I started to satisfy my craving for flying. Someone I enjoy working with (and greatly respect) recently indicated their daughter was interested in designing and programming drones. She just graduated from high school and is brutally smart(not safe-space "smart"). She doesn't really have the "flying bug", but she wants to engineer and program drones.

She recently toured at UND for the B.S. in Aeronautics with a Major in Unmanned Aircraft System Operations to get the full scoop.

I'm not interested in hearing from the "Dronezzz will take my jobzzzz" people. How does one get involved with the engineering, design and programming folk? PM's are fine because I know this is a volatile topic.


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A lot is done pro bono on side projects. Check out DIYDrones.com. A few of the larger defense contractors will have their own programs.

I would probably look into the real engineering degrees as they are applicable to big as well as smaller aircraft. I would think you'd be a lot more marketable with that degree over something akin to AeroSci on steroids. IMO.


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There is an occasional poster here that works in aerospace. Maybe he can chime in. I'm totally guessing their screen name but I'm fairly certain it's @inigo88

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100% without a doubt, get a straight aerospace engineering degree, mix in a minor along the lines of computer Sci and human factors.

The big disconnect with autonomous systems and user overrides is the disconnect in awareness that happens right at the point of human take over in an abnormal situation.

Aero sci won't do anything beneficial.