United new uniforms

I love the thirst in you two, it's magical. It's going to culminate in a delicious affair like two girls one cup but with naval uniforms and comic sans.
I want to be there for that popcorn and soda in hand and take dibs on whose going to be the aggressor and whose going to be the submissive bottom. :biggrin:

Autothrust Blue

“Rift” meaning leather gimp and ball gag. He’s a modern man.
The ultimate in uptown problems: "Ah crap, I have to go buy a VR headset for my master's class. Glad I had the foresight to bring my beefy-ass gaming PC with me and not leave it in a box in Eagan."


Non Nutritive Cereal Varnish Engineer
I'd legit call my Ropers "all-conditions" uniform shoes. I can't imagine not wearing them.

@ClarkGriswold might even get a pair.
Ummm im getting them for their actual intended purpose. I don’t think mine would go with the uniform. I would never wear them at work. I wear leather soled capped toe shoes. #amazonwardrobe