Trucker to Airline Pilot


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Just curious, why?

With well over a decade here I see a common theme... person dreams of flying, joins JC, interacts a lot and pulls info, gains networking contacts, gets starter job, gets career job, stops JC. I remember when you joined and I enjoyed watching your journey and now that you’ve gained success, people, like the OP here, could certainly use your help.

We’re you wronged here in some way?
I was told about this thread by another member and its why I responded. Several folks here know how to contact me, and many people have sought me out for different things over the years. I'm more than happy to help anyone who asks.


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I just wanted to check in with you guys/gals, it's been a crazy year in aviation with all of the accidents thus far. Currently I'm taking lessons out of KLHZ and training in a Cherokee 140. So far it's been a positive experience, it took me a bit to get landings down, but once it clicked it clicked. I started training on the 172 but switched to the Cherokee because it has better availability at my school. Right now I'm looking at soloing very soon. The only thing I have to do is make a visit to the AME, which I plan on making an appointment this week. I just had a medical for work, but I've got to set some cash aside for my flight physical. It's been tough getting lessons in, with weather systems rolling through the carolinas every weekend, but I seem to to be retaining things OK when I can't get them in. I've been browsing the forums here and I've been hitting the books, it's nice to finally be making progress. I appreciate the community and the information here on this site, it's been a big help keeping me motivated and moving along with my training. I'll make sure to keep this thread updated as I move forward.