Torn ACL


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I currently hold a second class medical and will be going for a first class in a few weeks. About a month ago I tore my ACL in an accident. At the moment I don’t have plans for surgery. My knee feels almost back to normal and I have full range of motion in the knee.

When I report this to my AME in a few weeks will he be able to issue me a medical or will this be disqualifying?



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Hi ca12_15

Your AME has the authority to issue you a medical in this situation. Absence of pain, full range of motion, and cessation of pain medication will be favorable. The AME will also test your strength in the extremity to make sure you are not limited. After that, it really depends on the AME's comfort with your ability to operate an aircraft as to whether they issue or defer to the FAA. A favorable report from your orthopod that states your diagnosis, course of treatment, and that you have recovered with no pain or limitation and require no meds would be very helpful when you go to your exam.

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Aaron Florkowski, MD
FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner