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Tool storage and organization


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Kind of a slow last couple of weeks at work. The only aircraft work I did was replace a LH outboard windshield on a UH-60L, replace a LH upper window ("greenhouse window") on a UH-60M, and fabricate some shims so I could adjust a cargo door latch for a HH-60M.
So, I had some time to make a few things to improve my toolbox...

Small box for my microstop and an insert for the threaded piloted countersinks:


I can take the threaded piloted countersinks out for convenience if I want to. The two cut-off threaded drill bits on the end are just plugging the extra holes. They will get removed if I get more piloted countersinks. I have a row of standard 1/2" and a row of sliim 3/8".

Small box for the small diamond files:

The pockets each have a small piece of foam to firmly hold the file handles:

Unibit rack:

The 10-32 screws are threaded into the top plate, and the screw heads serve as feet. I cut 3/8" tubing down to 0.5" pieces to use as spacers. There are holes in both pieces (top and bottom) for the Unibit shanks:

Rack for my countersink bits:

It's very similar to my Unibit rack design, but I had to add a bottom plate because some of the countersinks had longer shanks:

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I also decided to store my drill bits vertically to minimize their footprint, so I found some tooling tubes, labeled them, and made a little rack: