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Re: My DCA adventure

I did get hired at Regional Airline Academy in Deland, but I have some GREAT things to say about them. Anyone considering going to RAA should really read my post that I put about them next. I'll tell you all about how they make you sign a contract that keeps you from leaving because if you do they will charge you 50% of the cost of the course on top of application fees and other funds. So if you decide that you don't like RAA, which a lot of students I talked to there do, you can't leave unless you want to give them a few thousand dollars.

[/ QUOTE ] RAA? I'm sorry, but their marketing is far worse than DCA's! close enough to almost calling it PFT marketing, from what i've seen/heard lately.

and if i'm a *paying* client, nobody's going to tell me I can't leave if I don't feel i'm getting the education for the $$ spent...and I'd sure as heck not give them even $50 for *allowing* me to leave due to poor service. That to me, is not a good deal.

there's one thing when you want to leave T-mobile and have to pay $200 in cancellation fee, but it's entirely different when your talking thousands of dollars or 50% of the entire cost!!!! that's a complete rip, IMO!


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Re: My DCA adventure

I thought that if you passed all your stages/checkrides that you automatically became an instructor so that you could finish out your time and be approved for the guaranteed interview?

[/ QUOTE ]

nope only if you are "selected" by management.


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Re: My DCA adventure

When I took the tour I was flat out lied to by the admin guy. He told me if I completed the program I would be a DCA instructor. At the time I was nieve enough to believe it and I almost decided to go there. Now I'm glad I didn't. Of course I didn't consider that "completing the program" probably means you have to not only complete the training, but interview and be selected as an instructor. Didn't get hired, well you didn't "compltete the program".


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Re: My DCA adventure

For those of you lurking around this Forum...

Somone that spends that much time typing his "DCA' Story is really not telling it all... Just note the fact that he did not get hired... and I bet the decision was not ONLY because of his felonies...

We see all kinds of crazies... from people that claimed to have flown their solo x-country stoned to people going psycho on their instructors... so when they don't get hired they use places like this to cry out...

DCA has a lot of sutdents and not all of them make it. It is tough training and requires discipline.

Montana Pilot... change the flavor of the cool- aid will ya? How about the flavor you drink instead?



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Ah, I'm not too bothered about not being able to become a DCA instructor when I finish. It would have been nice if I could have. I'll find a more lucrative instructing job after I tranfer to another station in the Comair sytem.

I now the program works. Today was my first full day of working the ramp for Comair. Actually Chautauqua handles most of the DCI flights out of MCO. I would say I ran into 4 pilots, just today that are FO's for CHQ that have gotten hired since I've been at DCA. Of course most are still on reserve. I'll run into a lot more along the way.