To ODP, or not to ODP, that is the question.


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According to our manuals, no. you de-ice with flaps up and use the 100% HOT.
Or you de-ice with flaps down all the way and use the 76% HOT.
However there are some who de-ice with flaps at t/o setting.

de-ice checklist has nothing about flight-controls check post de-ice.. however if de-icing w/ flaps up, you then jump back to the after-start checklist and will likely do a flight-control check at that point.

I agree with you - recurrent is jammed up with required things they cover, we need the chance to review the important things such as those being discussed here.
Some pilots deviate from defined procedures, and "likely" create their own... Where is the standardization ? There's a lot more going wrong there than not knowing how to depart a non-towered airport.