Tips for air to air photography.


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I’m essentially a noob when it comes to the details and inner workings of cameras / etc. Is there a setting or technique to actually get air to air shots or terrain(IE RVSM passes, or similar) to actually turn out? In person everything looks so detailed, I’m always amazed at how bad it turns out in my iPhone 7. What changes if I were to lug my wife’s DSLR along?

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I use the shotgun method. Take pictures of everything and hope something turns it.

Have had occasional results. One of the big challenges for me has been a closure rate that makes my auto focus go “OMGWTF” as well as issues shooting through thick windows. If I remember correctly the CRJ was a little better for it.

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You need to get the camera lens as close to parallel to the window as you can (or perpendicular, depending on how you look at it)
. That is to say, the picture will turn out best when the subject is directly 90 degrees up from the plane of the window tilt.

Obviously it doesn't have to be dead-on and lighting and timing are whatever they are, but it helps a lot.

If needed, drop the F a bit and crank up the ISO slightly, in that order, to get a good shutter speed. I don't bring my camera often but when I do I've gotten dozens of great shots from my deadhead window seats.