Time Building


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I am looking somebody to do time building (for my ATP) with. Perhaps, later half of this year (around July 2017?).

1. I am not picky about the condition of the airplane.
2. I need to clock >500 hours.
3. I am willing to travel to meet you. If you can host me, that will be great!
4. I have no objection for you to fly anywhere you like.
5. I am fine with gay or sissy.

About me:
1. I am skinny. So, don't worry about excessive fuel burnt or I am over-occupying your space in the cockpit. :)
2. I am neither a smoker nor drinker. I do not mind smoking or drinking in the cockpit.
3. Not a chatter but a good listener.
4. Clean, tidy and responsible chap. Don't worry about me dirtying your place aircraft/house.

Kindly send me private message.