Time Building out of HPN (NYC Area)

Hey I'm building time towards an ATP certificate in a family owned SR22. I'm short approximately 250 hours right now. I'd like to save on costs and have somebody to talk to at the same time. I can offer time for $60/hr wet.

My usual mission is about 10 hours on the Hobbs per day. Those familiar with the traffic in NYC know that rush hour is no joke, and as such I like to do early showtimes of around 0430, which lets me finish around 1430 right before traffic picks up again. This also helps in avoiding thunderstorms that develop in the afternoon.

I'm based in HPN. The plane is loaded with an attitude based autopilot, and Garmin GTNs, XM radio, and bluetooth audio. Very easy to cruise around in.

Contact me ASAP if you're interested since I'm looking to start this Thursday (6/14) or Friday. My number is 203-405-8799