Time Building - Anywhere! Based in Seattle


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This is broad but I have the fortune of working for a major airline in ops and can meet just about anywhere that has a commercial airport nearby. Right now I fly out of BFI in Seattle but am looking at flying in other areas of the country to gain hours and experience. I did my private and instrument in central CA, commercial at a navy base in WA state, and my multi in Michigan. I'm just shy of 300 hours right now trying to build some time. I didn't fly for about 5 years but recently started again and am deciding if I want to have a career in flying once I get the time in a few years. I didn't want to do the CFI route or take a low paying job where I'd be away from my wife for 8 months at a time so here I am.

If anyone is interested feel free to post or PM. I'm open to sharing gas if anyone owns a plane and wants some company, safety pilot time, you name it. I'm currently off Sunday-Tuesday so those days work best but am pretty flexible. If anyone also wants to split time in the Seattle area the club I fly for at BFI has a few C150s that are $75 wet and 2 172s that are $105 wet. I did a fair amount of time building in these planes on the way to my commercial rating. They're dingy planes but they're cheap and got the job done at a good price with an easy checkout process.


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I’m very interested in time building, I have a few weeks to build 30 hours X-country PIC towards my Instrument Rating (will fly with foggles so you can log PIC). I’m based out of Miami but I also don’t mind traveling if necessary. If you’re interested please let me know! My number is 347-431-6211 and at the moment I have access to a C172M out of KFXE for $109 wet.