Thyroid Condition


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I'm new to the forum and exploring a possible career change and becoming a pilot. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with hypothyroidism and have been on medication since. Occasionally, my numbers come back elevated and my doctor adjusts the meds and then my numbers return to normal within a month or so. In reading various discussion boards, it sounds like as long as your TSH levels are normal, you can obtain a First Class Medical. That said, is it possible for an airline to know that I am hypothyroid during the interview process and for that to influence their decision to hire? With a condition like hypothyroid, I'm also wondering about the wisdom of making a career switch when this could be an ongoing issue for the rest of my life, potentially grounding me if my numbers come back elevated. I would appreciate insight from anybody who has dealt with this issue. Thanks.


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Hi. If your hypothyroidism is stable and you have no symptoms, then it's a one page worksheet that the AME fills out and he can issue you a medical without any problem. The link below is from the AME guide. As for the airlines, I don't know what their policy is. I presume all they care is that you have a 1st class medical. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me directly.
Good luck.