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Qualifications, Training, Professional Memberships or Accreditations
  • FAA or LBA dispatcher license
  • Proven operations background, with in-depth knowledge of Dispatch, including Long Haul Operations.
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Job Purpose: To proactively manage all aspects of Group Airlines flight dispatch, to deliver the highest level of on time performance, at the optimum cost to the operation. Within a safe, secure and customer-focused environment.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for overseeing all flight dispatch related tasks on a day to day basis including, but not limited to;
    • Monitoring all flights plans through AOS
    • Calculation of ETOPS flight plans
    • Where required, calculating re-clearance scenarios
    • Ensure accurate flight documentation is available to all operating crews in a timely manner
    • Co-ordinate and manage all ATC slots, re-routing where required to maximise OTP and cost efficiency
  • Close liaison with the GDOM, Group ATC Services Manager and Back Office to ensure effective communication across the OCC teams.
  • To proactively manage delays & disruption affecting the flying programme, ensuring minimal passenger disruption. Prioritise, manage and communicate all relevant information to GDOM and/or third party partners/customers accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner to minimise disruption.
  • Key responsibility for Mission Management alignment and decision making to utilise all available means to avoid 3 hrs delays (eg. high speed OFPs, pro-active weather checks, etc.) and maximise OTP, by proactive monitoring of CHMI and, where required, routing to avoid ATC issues.
  • Maintaining and distributing an accurate Dispatch log of key events that have or will affect the Group the flying programme. Preparing and updating the Dispatch elements of the OPS Bulletin.
  • Escalate the decision making process, where appropriate, to a higher authority (GDOM or Head of OCC)
  • Assure completeness and accuracy of internal /external communication & documentation to ensure situational awareness is maintained on all levels.
  • Annual completion of recurrent training, IOSA, annual famil flights and CRM.

Key Performance Indicators:
  • Group OTP/Red 3 target
  • Cost efficiency savings (Target TBD)