The Mighty 727

Bob Ridpath

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When I was growing up and Logan had an open observation deck, I’d watch 727s (to keep on topic), 707s and DC8s, Eastern L188s on the shuttles to NYC, leap off runways on long black trails of exhaust, with sound that wasn't “hushed.” It was a different age, perhaps not “better” but one for which I long sometimes. Northeast DC9s into New Bedford and Keene, Executive Twin Otters into Lewiston and Augusta. Eleven (11) dollar student fares on Northeast DC9s from BOS to PWM. Mohawk Bac-111s upon which my dad regularly flew between BOS and UCA for business.

All gone now, and more.

Somehow, despite the “higher fares” figured for inflation and so forth (which folks always point out), a 15 and 16 and 17 year-old kid could afford an annual ticket from BOS to FWA to visit grandparents by saving his dollar-a-week allowance and 35 cent daily lunch money.

I miss those days.


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Essential power-operating generator. EDPM-essential power, download, power the unpowered buss...I forgot M...


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I used to drive that fuel truck. That video was probably recorded during my time working that ramp, it was Martin Aviation when I started then changed to Media Aviation before I left. Seeing all of the old Skunkworks buildings in the background brings back a lot of memories. That observation deck on top of the FBO terminal was completely open to the public, parents would bring their little kids up there to watch the airplanes and I always thought it was pretty cool. I look back on that time of my life with a tempered fondness, I wouldn't want to do it again but in hindsight I really had a lot of fun.


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That guy's whole channel is a goldmine of 90s stuff. Even makes me nostalgic and half those airplanes didn't even fly into the airport I grew up around.