The LAX commute, three month redux

Autothrust Blue

"I’d make a suggestion but you won’t listen”
“Do you know how gross that is?”

“I figure if airplane coffee is what does me in, maybe I’m not long for this world.”
I actually like our jet coffee here despite the low marks the potable apparently gets.

I wouldn’t touch RJ coffee but long about Nebraska on a redeye, one cup of the stuff from Le Boos ensures I stay awake and conscious, so


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“Stupid Pilot Tricks”.

You are under operational and data surveillance 24/7 at work and just because they haven’t said anything yet, doesn’t mean you’re not already busted and they’re casually collecting data. Teeeeeeeeeeeeer’ust me. :)
When they ask you a question from behind the big brown desk.........they already know the answer...


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So commuting to LAX isn’t a great idea if SJI decides they like me. A 30 min flight sounds nice. The rest of it is just nightmarish.