The LAX commute, three month redux

Autothrust Blue

“Do you know how gross that is?”

“I figure if airplane coffee is what does me in, maybe I’m not long for this world.”
I actually like our jet coffee here despite the low marks the potable apparently gets.

I wouldn’t touch RJ coffee but long about Nebraska on a redeye, one cup of the stuff from Le Boos ensures I stay awake and conscious, so


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“Stupid Pilot Tricks”.

You are under operational and data surveillance 24/7 at work and just because they haven’t said anything yet, doesn’t mean you’re not already busted and they’re casually collecting data. Teeeeeeeeeeeeer’ust me. :)
When they ask you a question from behind the big brown desk.........they already know the answer...


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So commuting to LAX isn’t a great idea if SJI decides they like me. A 30 min flight sounds nice. The rest of it is just nightmarish.