The Jerry clown show.


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Too much airspace, terrain, and tall ass(you can TOATS say ass here) obstructions to cruise around at 2000 feet here. It was fun finishing my flight training in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area though since you could pretty much do that anywhere. Just look out for the one big radio tower and you can chase a guy on an ATV around his farm. Or so I've heard.

Meanwhile in SF, I get a call from the FSDO for being on an assigned 2000 foot altitude over downtown because it scared people. Lol.
For real? I did bay tours at 1800 all the time and never heard a word about it, though I'd have to do them higher now with the new buildings up there.

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This time Jerry "maintains VFR" while skimming the clouds:confused:
LOL. So many new ones in this one.

He thinks it’s July... right off the bat. July 6th. LOL.

His “all important checklist” that he always cuts out the video, apparently doesn’t have “set navigation” anywhere on it... since he did it on the runway while saying “we shouldn’t do this on the runway”...

I’m always happy when this thread comes back to life, it means I have some new entertainment to go watch. Hahaha.


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I did a practice ILS into an airport with an instructor yesterday and even I flew it better than he did and it was my first approach.


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Who climbs at blue line just after takeoff in a piston twin? I’d much rather have more airspeed than altitude if you lose one.
Assuming he’s really at blue line without zooming it in like the other instruments and looking, is probably a reach.

Especially with as many times as he set the autopilot to handle altitude and said it wasn’t working, while not a single power adjustment happened. :)

I’d give it a 90% percent chance he was somewhere fifteen knots either side of blue line, but about a 5% chance he was HOLDING blue line. :)


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I said the same thing...... but the longer you wait, the more it'll cost you.

I should have left about 9 years in, I waited until 23 years in.

Be that as it may, it sucked, it hurt, but I'm better off for it (thanks 8 yrs of mandatory OT FAA, couldn't have done it without you).
Divorce party in Colombiaaaaaa!
Then my cousin hushed me. He wasn’t ready to let go I guess.


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This time Jerry "maintains VFR" while skimming the clouds:confused:
Maybe a dozen years ago, when I was living in Colorado, I let my instrument currency lapse. Wouldn't you know it? During that period, I had a flight which would have been the easiest IFR flight imaginable but I ended up ducking under and around scattered-to-broken clouds the whole trip. It was very uncomfortable and I committed to never letting my currency lapse again.

Watching this video, I was taken back to that day. For the life of me, I can't imagine an instrument-rated pilot choosing to (try to) remain VFR in a situation like that as opposed to either filing IFR to begin with or picking up a clearance well before entering the terminal area. I don't see any advantage. Of course, having seen Jerry fly instruments, maybe he does realize how bad he is at it.