The Jerry clown show.

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why. The. Frick. Is Jerry referencing his ASI when talking about ground speed?

What the hell am I seeing? Jerry... JERRY is now taking it upon himself to review accidents and instruct the unsuspecting public regarding them???

I'm pretty sure one needs to know what the hell one is doing before flying an airplane.
I'm certain one needs to know what the hell one is doing before commenting on the aviation mistakes of others.



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Here’s an idea. Who here thinks Jerry vs Les Abend on the air at the same time analyzing an incident would be entertaining?


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The problem with the Jerry’s of the world is that he isn’t just going to kill himself, but a host of others with him.
Like a drunk driver, he’ll probably survive....
And probably get back in the cockpit straight out of the hospital and address the fans with "Well, that was schloppy. ATC should have warned me about those power lines 840 feet below the glideslope while I was in IMC".


That guy
"Russ" has no idea how close to being killed he was when flying with Jerry
At least when he does plug it in, the FAA will have a long, detailed history from which they can create visual lessons and courseware for the future generation of pilots.

Kind of reminds me of the (German?) seat belt campaign where they had death row inmates get filmed in crashes without belts. If they lived they were pardoned to life in prison vs death. May not have been Germany.