The Jerry clown show.


Southern Gentleman
Bless you son. Someday may you come to understand that it's not about YOU. It's about everyone.

It really should be simple and something that appeals strongly to a trumpian, black and white worldview; Rules either apply to everyone, or they don't apply to anyone.
and bless your heart, sport...bless all of it.

Crop Duster

E pluribus unum
Umm hello, can we go back to complaining about Jerry rather than whatever the hell that was?

So how about this Jerry guy? Boy, he sucks.
Both of us violated sterile cockpit.
I like skiing. He likes surfing. It's all good. We're done now.

Crop Duster

E pluribus unum
I like the slapstick comedy routine while they're on short final. The guy in the left seat seemed to know what he was doing though.
Poignantly and hilariously ironic in light of the admonishments to observe sterile cockpit Jerry interjects into his otherwise inane stream of consciousness.