The Jerry clown show.


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I'm sure this one is upthread somewhere, but I only saw it based on the linked reddit from the recent t-shirt post.

I'm guessing it is among the ones he deleted after posting

from 30:00 on is the action. The pegging of the VSI at 45 degree bank 33:50, going the wrong way was a crescendo
that given 500 more feet of cloud cover, was well on it's way to being a "Full Tony", with pieces raining down on the villagers

I don't know how any FAA person could not pick up the phone if they saw that.

Like rapidly flashing lights, the ASI ,VSI and AI movements, almost gave me a seizure.

So about 10 degrees down, 50 degree bank and about 2,800 fpm down on the VSI. In IMC. How can this not at least prompt a 709 ride?