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There used to be an arrival to Cincinnati with a DRESR intersection. Routine clearance was "NXXXXX, cross DRESR at FL 240".


You really Schruted that one
VPHUC Tampa Area (never gotten it in a clearance but I can dream, preferably ATC would pronounce it first)


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Do people still drink this?
A coworker at my old job would order a Guinness, Peroni, Stella, etc... then he would have too much fun when I'd order a Miller. Loudly, very loudly he would say things like:

You know, for the same price you could order a real beer?

Does that count as alcohol? Does the eight hour rule even apply if you drink that?

If you'd like, I could urinate in a frosty glass and save you $5.

Even if you to to class it up and call it Milwaukee Chardonnay, it still sounds like trash.