the amusing fixes thread


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There is a fix south of Maine out over the ocean called STOOL. Cleared direct STOOL, report passing...


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Coming out of EWR I hear "direct DEEZZ" all the time. Once the pilot quarried "Where to after DEEZZ?" Ohhhhhhhh maaaaan. It took every fabric of my being to not chime in.


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Read them in order inbound from ITAWT

Anybody remember Sylvester the Cat?

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It's nice to see that a surprising number of the folks who do this naming have a sense of humor. Federal employees, taken as a class, too often are humor-impaired - I guess the system flogs it out of lots of them.


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The truth is out there...

INBRD is in Florida, thank you very much. Near Whiting Field. :biggrin:

Of course, it wouldn't have surprised me at all if it was in AL.
Near Milton, FL to be more specific. Came out of there one morning...Captain was PM.

He checks in with Departure and we get the instruction to proceed direct to INBRD (verbally expressed as - Inboard). Captain reads it back but verbally expresses it as "Inbred."

That departure controller was not too amused (hopefully he has since retired) as we then got a lecture about "Why would the FAA name a fix's guys are being unprofessional." blah blah blah.

It sounded like the guy never had the opportunity to leave P31 and was a few months from retirement...six years ago.