Swift 737 lands missing tail pieces


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The plane wasn’t coming out of storage. It was it’s third flight that day. PHX DEN, DEN VCV, VCV SAN. It did sit in PHX for two days however.


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This is why we’re required to observe the FO’s exterior preflight on line checks now.
I wouldn't mind someone looking over my shoulder in this case. No way you'd be able to see a loose fastener from that far away. Not to mention touch it. Based on the giant dings in the horizontal those pieces were there and then fell off.


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Yeah I highly doubt someone is gonna miss most of the tail missing on a preflight or post flight. Or a flight,
Yeah unless they failed to do a walk around on the through flight(s). CCTV everywhere so if it’s taxiing out in VCV or DEN sans tail pieces, no bueno.


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My brief association with Swift out of Phoenix ended up being plenty of time to develop some opinions about the way the company was managed, but I don't think for a minute that the pilots failing to do a walk-around out of Victorville (or elsewhere) was the issue. Glad the crew handled it as well as they did. I'm sure the shop's maintenance will receive the scrutiny due a plane shedding parts in flight.


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Man, I thought it was crazy when an A380 rolled into my ramp with so many dead birds across the nose it looked like a trendy painting in the lobby of a Red Robin. Imagine seeing this guy roll in! Yikes.

I mean, it sounds like swift air. I thought they had the 121 supplemental market locked up, why are they still cutting corners?

Whatever, useless management group anyway.
iAero now, but was Swiftair and is flying all but 1 of the old Xtra Airways jets(they held on to one 737 to stay active).