Swayne coming to a 121 near you


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"All cockpit scenes filmed under Part 91" ... So Envoy let him take the plane up for a few hours to bore holes in the sky and make videos? Cool.
Repo, ferry or mx flights are usually pt 91 and common enough
It's a fallacy to think anything is "part 91", regardless of what you do companies still operate under Part 121 opspecs.


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I'd buy the kid a beer. He's doing good for perspective pilot's, especially envoy dudes.

In the 8min video, he answered 99% of the questions I got when mil guys were contemplating switching to 121.

If I see him selfie-ing at ORD, I'll photobomb and become JC famous.
Saw him talking to a Republic and a SkyWest FOs in T3 at ORD earlier today while putting the steps in, so he's around and omg he's real.