Suck it, you 121 hacks


I should post the picture here of having to dig a $2.5 mil airplane out of the bud in the rain, then the picture of me coordinating getting tugged out by a skid loader.

135 is cool, I guess, it seems to be a lot more work for a lot less reward than 121.

Boris Badenov

Someone should definitely do *something*, Captain!
I guess I'm weird. Wait, I'm definitely weird. But anyway, I miss many things about it. The relative autonomy, the out of the way destinations, interacting with the 90% of the passengers who were cool, choosing my own danged hotels, rental car everywhere, actually flying the airplane every once in a while...

That said, you couldn't drag me back with a backhoe, ho. Because at the end of the day, I am lazy, and "get in, turn left" > *