For Sale Stratus 2S


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I have a new Stratus 2S I bought about 2 months ago for work because our planes radar doesn't work. I really like this little thing but I am moving on to the 121 world and need the money and don't think I will need it there. So I paid $915.00 for this thing in December.

It comes with the carrying case, suction cup holder, manuals, and an after market charging cable since I left the original in a hotel room. Figured I would put it up here first, make an offer. I have only seen one other used one for sale on ebay.

Johnny Beau Bekkestad

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what are you looking to get for it?
Last one sold for around 675-700 on here not too long ago, i might be interested, but i know of a few guys that are looking as well


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The ones for sale previously here were the Stratus 2, not the new Stratus 2S, which this is.

The older Stratus 2 are selling on ebay for $735 right now.

I have only been able to find one 2S for sale that is used, since they are so new, and it is listed on Barnstormers for $835.00.


That guy
$10 ! :)

Joking of course, we (I) are interested, the bad elf we have been using the the hawker is at the end of its battery life cycle.


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I'm very interested as well
Any chance you could do 750 ? I can do chase quick pay if u have it